Our philosophy

Our main philosophy is that good technology doesn't have to be expensive.
There are currently a lot of choices that can save a lot of money. Most people however still choose for the more expensive options, because they think it's better. But today a lot of cheaper or even free alternatives are available.
Thanks to the large availability of free and open source software there are many applications available that are preferred by a vast community.
That's why Edustria embraces Debian Linux as server operating system, along with Apache and NGINX webservers, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite databases, PHP, Perl and Python scripting languages and Asterisk for complete telephony solutions.

All of this software is free, but not always as easy in use as some commercial products. That's why we aim to develop products that will run on Linux as well as on other platforms (like Microsoft Windows ©).
Also we believe you should have the choice to work with the system that works best for you. So while the server runs Linux, it seamlessly integrates with other systems (like Microsoft Windows © or Apple OS X ©).

Below is a short list of supported technologies:



Operating Systems