N.V. Vandewoestijne wanted a simple website quickly and affordably for promoting 3 building construcion projects.
This static site was realised and published on the Internet in only a few days.


The website for Maes Montage Technieken is bilingual.
The content of this site can be completely managed through a password-protected section. As a result not only text can be modified or added at any time without outside help, but also photo's or other files.

The Agfa Press Centre

Edustria is a privileged partner of Living Stone N.V., a company that is renowned for its reputation management competence. Edustria was involved in the realisation of the press web site of Agfa. The Agfa Press Centre is a password protected website accessible only by members of the press.


When medical software solutions developer Quadrat, Ghent, was taken over by Agfa, Living Stone N.V. was invited to restyle the Quadrat web site and integrate the site in the Agfa web structure. Living Stone N.V. asked Edustria for assistance.

This is the website for NV L. Balliu MTC, a high technology company that produces mainly laser based industrial machines for a global market. is a website that allows you to check if an e-mail address is valid or find out what's wrong with it.
This service is completely free. (discontinued) was a website containing an enormous database of Belgian companies that are directly or indirectly related to harbours.
It allows you to search for a specific company, or any company in any category.
Searching is free, companies pay to be listed on the site.

This is the website of the Belgian national organisation of geometrists and experts.
Here members of the organisation can find upcoming events, interesting publications and relevant links.
They can also choose to receive a newsletter.
The site is in Dutch and in French.

Brecht Sanders' homepage has an online joke database since June 1998. It has been growing fast ever since. There is also a search for Belgian postal codes (with map) and official country codes.
This is the site's third redesign.
This site started out as a hobby and is completely free.